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Installing your custom decal

Installation is easy.  It doesn't matter whether you are installing your decal to the back of your car, the side of your boat, or onto your store window, the steps are the same.

  1. We leave a protective border around the graphic to keep the decal together. Cut the protective border off with a scissors.
  2. Clean the surface you intend to apply the graphic to with a (409 type) cleaning spray.   The idea is to remove all grease, wax and oil from the surface.  Be sure that you rinse all soap and any oil residue off the surface and off your hands.
  3. If you have any isopropyl alcohol, clean the application area again with new paper towels and alcohol mixed with approximately an equal amount of tap water.
  4. Peal off the decal's protective backing.
  5. Carefully line-up the decal on the sign and press down lightly, pressing it down from the center outwards in all directions.
  6. Smooth down the decal with the flat heal of your hand.
  7. Once you have the decal completely attached to your intended  surface, peal off the transfer face. Be careful not to lift the graphic.
  8. Lastly and most of all - - - - Enjoy your custom graphic.

To see some of the steps on a complex design, see the airplane installation.


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