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You are encouraged to use the email addresses below to initiate any conversations with the EC Sign Center.  Please, do not hesitate to send an email or use the comment form below.  We will get back to you, by return email.  If you would like us to call you, include that in your contact information.


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Note: Our Web address will be changing soon and our email addresses have already changed on February 19. This website will automatically link across to the new site.

Comment by Mail or Phone

If you would prefer to contact us by phone or mail, do not hesitate to do so.
EC Sign Center
3229 W Parnell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53221-4048

Phone: (414) 282-5143

We are open from 8:00am through 5:00pm central time.
We will do our best to contact you regarding your inquiry.


We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

Contact us with questions or comments about this web site.
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